Boots & Paws

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Program Overview

Guardian Revival's Boots & Paws Program provides veterans, first responders, & federal agents in need with working dogs. Dogs are awarded along with a care package, which includes professional training sessions, veterinary coverage, pet insurance, food, toys, leashes, and other essential care equipment for up to a year.

Mental Health

Mental illness is disproportionately high among veterans, first responders, and federal agents in comparison to the general population. Every day, between 18 and 20 veterans die by suicide, and it's reported that more first responders die by suicide than in the line of duty every year. With mental health stigmas and other barriers to seeking out help, our Guardians often sweep their traumatic experiences under the rug, put their uniform back on and return to duty, continuing to serve our nation both domestic & abroad.

Healing Through Animal Ownership

Over the past several decades, researchers have accumulated a growing body of evidence supporting the powerful therapeutic affect of animal ownership. We are all familiar with the effects dogs have on us, whether it's a family pet, service animal, or a casual dog and its owner passing you on the street. Ownership of a dog brings purpose and passion into an owner's life, and demands elevated responsibilities, renegotiated personal priorities, and most of all, mutually beneficial companionship. Although challenging, these demands can produce positive mental, physical, and spiritual healing effects for those suffering with a broad range of mental health conditions, including Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS), anxiety, depression, loneliness, and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).


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Boots & Paws Recipients

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1. First responder with his new canine from our Boots & Paws program
4. First responder and family, Boots & Paws program