Guardian Connect

Guardian Connect is a peer-to-peer program providing community & peer support and resources to veterans & first responders.

peer Support

Guardian Connect (G-Connect) provides veterans & first responders with opportunities to connect with fellow peer guardians through shared experiences and similarities. Peer support is a natural phenomenon that has been present since the dawn of humankind. However, hanging up the uniform of service, transitioning into civilian life, and redefining purpose and mission often lead to an absence of peer exposure. G-Connect aims to connect our guardians to reinstate peer-to-peer experiences so that they can revive and preserve their mental health & wellbeing alongside those who share or have shared a similar journey. The saying goes: birds of a feather flock together.


Community is the foundation for healthy & purposeful living. Our guardians often struggle with integrating back into their community after their time in service. Community is the fabric of a healthy and stable society, and a sense of connectedness through community offers meaning and purpose for something bigger than self. G-Connect offers our guardians with opportunities to reconnect with the community they once swore to defend and protect.

Joseph P. Dwyer

Guardian Connect's veteran division is funded in part by the Joseph P. Dwyer Vet2Vet program initiative directed by New York State and through Putnam County, NY. The Dwyer initiative was created to afford veterans access and opportunities for peer support. Joseph P. Dwyer was an Army veteran who suffered from severe PTSD and died from an overdose on June 28th, 2008. Guardian Revival works alongside Putnam County Veterans Service Agency maximize and extend this program's services and effectiveness.


We offer several recurring and annual opportunities for guardians to gather together for recreation, education, open forum discussions, and other areas of interest. Gathering together to share experiences, ideas, and values promotes community, meaningful relationships, and a shared sense of purpose & mission. We also include our other program events, such as hikes with Another Summit and Jams with Guardian Encore.


Art workshops focused on accessing your creative mind and the therapeutic effects of the arts


Wellness workshops covering a variety of topics, including nutrition, mindfulness, and fitness & sleep.


Writing workshops focused on accessing your creative mind and the therapeutic effects of the arts


Leadership workshop designed to stimulate personal & professional growth.


Veteran focused gathering


First responder focused gethering

Canine RX

Gatherings for canine owners to learn and develop ways to maximize canine companionship

Women Guardians

Virtual women's gatherings for both female veterans & first responders

Outdoor RX

Educational gatherings focused on outdoor adventure.

Music RX

Gatherings centered around music skills, history, and culture.

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