Guardian Encore provides our guardians with opportunities to learn, write, play, record, and share music through three avenues: Guardian Jams, Guardian Tracks, and Guardian Retreats. Guardian Encore is supported by the ever-growing body of music therapy research. Over 70 years of research and focused studies make clear the positive impact and relevance music can have on our guardians.

Guardian Jams

A community-based music jam session that brings guardians and community members together on a regular basis to play and explore music, and build purposeful and meaningful relationships.

Guardian TRACKS

Our team works hand-in-hand with Guardians to help refine, play, record, and publicize their music by leveraging professional studios, equipment, and music professionals & artists. Guardian Tracks enables program participants to tell their stories through music to inspire, heal, and strengthen purpose.


Guardian Encore hosts  multi-day music retreat focused on learning, writing, and playing music. Participants learn new instruments, advance playing skills, perform in group and solo settings, and develop meaningful relationships with staff and other program participants.